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If you've landed here you must know how to Pronounce The Letters. If you've landed here you must be a fan of Representing The Letters. If you've landed here...you must be a fan of L.E.O!

Becoming a fan of L.E.O means more to me then simply hitting a follow button on social media and sending fire emojis my way in the comments section. I consider my true fans to be family, my family is 2nd Nature. 

During my time in high school, my love and passion for Hip-Hop came to a crescendo. Along with some of my closest friends, I formed a collective known as 2nd Nature. These friends were more than friends though, they were my family. As time passed and times changed, I kept the spirit of 2nd Nature alive and reimagined the family as the fans of the Three Letters I represent proudly.

If you are here, you are a fan of L.E.O!

You are apart of 2nd Nature. 

You are family.




2nd Nature

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